Discover an extensive selection of both new and pre-owned trucks at Tas Trucks. Our team specialises in customising trucks tailored to your exact business requirements. From vehicles suitable for use with a standard car license to heavy-duty options, we have the perfect solution to meet your commercial or personal needs.

Ask us about our Hino Hybrid options, up to 20% fuel savings with self charging hybrid electrics.

New Trucks

Tas Trucks is the local supplier of Hino Australia and Hyundai Trucks Australia, offering top-quality vehicles known for their reliability. With a commitment to excellence, Tas Trucks provides customers with a range of options to suit diverse transportation needs.

Whether it's the robust performance of Hino trucks or the innovative engineering of Hyundai trucks, Tas Trucks ensures customers receive vehicles that deliver optimal performance and efficiency, backed by our reliable and flexible after sales service.

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Used Trucks

Tas Trucks understands that purchasing brand new might not always be an option. We take the guess work out of buying preowned by sourcing high-quality second-hand vehicles. Don't have what you need in stock, ask us, we might be able to find exactly what you're after.


Powered by the SEA-Drive® 120a, and offering zero emissions, no noise, flexible plug-and-play architecture, onboard charging infrastructure and mid-mounted batteries for safety and dynamics, the SEA 5e is perfect for your delivery and commercial business needs.

The SEA 5e is suitable to a wide range of bodies and applications such as dry box freight, refrigeration, dump truck, tray truck, and garbage truck.

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